-Let your website take flight-

-Enhance your website, with creative thinking -

-Device Scaleability support-

Websites are compatible with all modern devices with various screen sizes and inputs.

Finely tuning each CSS element to fit your screen, ensuring maximum immersion, functionality and ease of use.

Mobile devices must be specified with specific queries and styling elements. If you have a device that isn't supported, please submit a form below and I'll impliment changes as soon as possible.


Utilising the same technology as as modern social media and video streaming websites do.

Imagine refreshing the browser everytime someone uploaded new content or updated their status?

With AJAX and JSON (AJAJ), you can have users comment on your site and have that new content displayed without the browser refreshing. enabling a seamless stream of content to propegate your website.


Helping your site attain the highest ranking possible.

All sites seek to maintain regular traffic for the lowest cost possible. One way for this to occur is to optimize the website for search engines such as Google.

This can be done in a variety of ways, however the most effective way to do this is to have users interact with a website and producing content (i.e. commenting, sharing, etc).

-XSS and MYSQL injection-

Protecting your website from the horrors of the internet.

Security is the most important aspect of a website, without it, your users personal information could be stolen and misused.

These threats can be mitigated with proper protocol. SSL certificates create secure communication sessions between the server and clients computer, while server side programming can strip HTML and SQL tags submitted by hackers to gain access to the database.

-Database and Management-

Storing your users information in the safest and most effective way possible.

To think of the mind numbing task of sorting through the paper databases of the era before computers...

Nowadays, we have useful server side databases like PHPMyAdmin and MySQL to process, sort and store information that is easy to access and manipulate.

Privilages prevent any unauthorised users from deleting or stealing information from the database.

-Reach new heights-

Open your business to opportunity that's out of this world.

The most effective tool you can have to ensure a successful and sustainable business. The internet has opened a new world of potential customers, all you need is a way to captivate your audience.

Modern websites need to operate dynamically, handle and display data on their own, whilest serving potentially hundreds of users simultaneously. Luckily, I can help you with that.

- When JavaScript meets Maya -

- Drag the aircraft left or right -

Ready to start working? I am!

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